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A sustainability assessment tool for business and product development professionals.

A solution oriented and engaging tool to evaluate, achieve and implement your product sustainability strategies.
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Why should you choose Product Ecology?

If you are committed to achieving sustainable outcomes, then Product Ecology is an essential part of your implementation toolbox.

Make informed decisions

Make informed and responsible ecodesign decisions based on life cycle thinking and comprehensive LCIA data. Product ecology is underpinned by ecoinvent data (v2) supplied by the Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories. Ecoinvent is a Competence Centre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich.

Report generation

Generate compelling reports as PDFs for clients, colleagues, project partners and interested stakeholders

Instant comparisons

Instantly compare materials, processes, transport modes and end-of-life options with the unique and powerful ecoCompare™ tool.

Compliance navigator

Identify and understand specific regulatory requirements for your product and its intended market(s) with Compliance Navigator, the preliminary compliance review tool.

Subscriptions to suit your needs & budget

Choose from four simple monthly or annual subscriptions to suit your specific needs, budget and scale of operations. Just sign up, pay your subscription, and commence using it. It’s yours to use. No consultants, no downloads, no wasteful manuals, CDs or packaging.


Who uses Product Ecology?

Product Ecology has global relevance. It has been developed for a diverse range of users – from individual design practitioners and consultants, through to SMEs, OEMs and global brands. Individuals, companies and associations, are all Product Ecology users:

  • Industrial designers, product developers, design engineers, applied technologists
  • Compliance and regulatory affairs professionals
  • Procurement professionals, including facilities management
  • Corporate sustainability and environmental professionals
  • OEMs, brands, component manufacturers and technology providers
  • Industry associations, trade bodies, professional institutes
  • Non government organizations related to sustainable production and consumption, including fair-trade.
  • Research institutions, universities, technical colleges, testing laboratories, consulting companies
  • Educators and students covering disciplines such as design, engineering, applied technology, environmental science/studies, corporate environmental/sustainability management, business and marketing

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